Air Bread a.k.a. Pan de Sal at Pan de Manila

Warning: Some scenes may be offending so I would like to apologize for my behavior.

It is said that it is a bad thing to make fun of food. However, I couldn’t help myself from doing the inevitable. After checking out the lighthouse in Liloan, Cebu, we decided to hang out for a couple more hours and our last stop was at the Pan de Manila branch in Asiatown, IT Park. We ordered coffee and pan de sal (bread rolls). At Php 3.00 per piece, I ordered 5 pieces when I saw how yummy it looked.

air bread a.k.a. pan de sal at Pan de Manila

When I got the first bread out of the paper bag, I immediately noticed how light it was. After my first bite, I couldn’t help squeeze the bread until it formed into a small ball. I thought it was better flattening or squeezing whatever air’s inside the bread.

Pan de Manila sells pan de sal in small and large sizes at Php 3.00 and Php 6.00 respectively. I wonder if there’s a difference in the bread’s consistency if I choose to buy the larger size.


  1. hahahaha…i didn’t know that it was that small! hahahaha…thanks doi

    • carla, you won’t really notice that it’s small unless you hold it and squeeze the life out of it 😆

  2. hey! i read some of your blogs about your food trips..just wanna share some place i know. It’s called 30kitchen..its in Banilad cebu City. Just before the paradise Villages’ gate, there’s a small 1 storey restaurant. They have really yummy and affordable food. Try there pastas..superb! ehehe

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