After Optimizing My Post

Over the weekend, I was hitting two birds with one stone. And the result? I landed on Google’s  1st 10 search results after typing in the keyword “Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort”. Sweet isn’t it?

After a couple of months of being on hiatus, and then this keyword not even belonging to the top 10 search pages, currently my site is sitting on Google and Yahoo’s 1st search page whenever that keyword is searched. So I guess what I am doing is really working! 🙂

I still have no idea how to use this to my advantage though. For now, I’ll still continue with my tests. 🙂

…maybe I’ll try the keyword “Nalusuan Island” this coming weekend. hehehe and yet I haven’t even posted a write up on that trip, or our trip to Sumilon over the holyweek…tsk tsk tsk

P.S. I’ll try to use a different workstation when I get the chance to as I remember that sometimes my own browser becomes biased with our searches. hehehe.

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