Addicted to Food

For those who doesn’t know yet, I have currently chosen Siem Reap, Cambodia to be my home base till I figure out when I’ll start my real backpacking. I don’t consider me being in Siem Reap now as leading a backpacker’s life since I think backpacking involves movement from one city/country to the other. Besides, we’re still trying to wait for our big break and earn more money before we get serious with backpacking across Southeast Asia.

So while our minds are confused, our tummies need a lot of pampering. Since we have access to our guesthouse’ kitchen and fridge, we have the liberty to choose the food we wanted to eat. Here’s a couple of those foods I have prepared to satisfy my tummy and ego 😉

D-I-Y brunch and dinner ($2.15 good for two meals)

2-sided bacon sandwhich with sunny side up egg and strawberry jam

Since I cooked 4 pieces of bacon, I set aside the other 2 and ate them for dinner. Cooked that when Ed went to Bangkok to meet up with his gf. That day, I never left the guesthouse and didn’t spend a single cent!

$2 meal good for two

On another day, thought I’d cook bacon and eggs again. Ed preferred to have scrambled eggs. I preferred the sunny side up.

Here in Siem Reap, their breakfast meals like this cost around $2-$5 and you can’t customize them. This is the reason why having access to a kitchen would become beneficial when you encounter those days where you’re fed up eating out.


  1. where were you staying that allows you to free access to their kitchen?!

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