Absent from Work

I failed to report for work last night. My tummy started acting up and produced all those weird acids that I’ve been trying to avoid all those years. I really have no clue what happened. Maybe it’s the result of all those food we ate yesterday in Manila. From eating KFC Chicken Meal for breakfast, I ate Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. Then Sisig and rice meal, 1 donut from Hot Loops, then tasted or almost consumed 3 different slices of chocoloate cakes from Chocolat, then their Frozen Hot Chocolate drink and finally the Cheezy junkfood. When I arrived home I didn’t understand what I felt. It seemed that I suddenly felt hungry. Maybe I was too overwhelmed to get home which explained why I felt what I felt yesterday. And I hated it. I never felt hungry when I was away. Was it our place which made me feel that way? Does this mean I need to move out of my house? I hope not. Anyway, I tried to send a text message to my boss asking if I could go on half day. I was too weak to prepare for work when she agreed I could work after 4 hours and I dozed off to sleep. When I woke up today, I couldn’t move a muscle in my body probably due to the extraneous sports activities we went through while we were on vacation. As of the moment, my tummy isn’t healed yet. I hope it does. Coz what I dread the most is an injured tummy due to hyperacidity 🙁

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