About the Site

This site was created through the constant persuasion I got from my blogger friends Ed, Audrey and Wena to start creating my own one. My main goal was to earn money online. I was never into writing nor into photography. But as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months I began to start loving this whole business of blogging. I call it a business since this is one medium of earning extra income online while enjoying the things that I love the most too.

Will be posting random events of my life here. Since I love to travel and eat good food,  I will be showcasing the places I’ve been to, all the food trips I’ve had with some rantings in between.

Enjoy reading guys!


Update: October 25, 2010

Why do I blog?

As I’ve mentioned above, my main reason for getting hooked into blogging was to earn money online. Although you do not have to have a blog to earn money online, having one is also essential as this will lead to more opportunities as you’d be able to tap into various money making schemes online.

My other reason was for me to share to everyone my day to day life experiences especially my travel adventures and food trips. I am not expecting something in return for sharing these information. Rather, I’d like to share my experiences to those who are seeking for such information.

What if no one is interested to read what I have to say?

Then I’m fine with it. I’ll still continue to blog and publish it online. Who knows, some one may need these data in the future. Don’t force me to write something against my will though.

What is my role as a blogger?

I blog because I want to. Not because I have to or that I  have a role in society to write about stuff. I don’t want to be bound by certain rules just because I am a blogger or that I own a website. Of course, I have to conform with blogging ethics and such. But I do not like the idea of people telling me that as a blogger, my role is this and that. I am not being paid to write stuff here (except if indicated) so what I write are my own opinions. If you want to ask me to write something for you, ask me nicely (and I might consider it depending on the topic) or we can discuss business if you want to.

What are the topics that you won’t discuss here?

You will never see me write stuff about politics, calamities, and those ugly stuff you see in the news. I find it either too depressing or not worth my time (referring to political issues) to be discussing such issues.

What can can we expect from doispeaks.com in the next coming months?

Hmm…a few blogs here and there perhaps. I may not be able to blog on a daily basis since I’m too busy with work but expect me to keep the site updated with travel and food stuff from time to time 🙂

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