A Surprise Present

I received a text message a couple of days ago from my close friend’s bro asking me when I’d be available so that he can give the package her sister sent me  (from the land down under) and the rest of our close friends. I was surprised when I read his message since my friend never mentioned it and her bro mentioned that the package had arrived 2 weeks earlier. He was busy with school and work so he failed to deliver the package sooner. Today was the only time we could meet up so I drove to their place in the middle of the night to collect the package.  🙂


As soon as I got back, the camwhore in me took over and I soon started taking pictures of the package. There were different items in the package and each item has labels  of its rightful owner.s  I guess I was tasked to distribute the rest of the items to our close friends, except for one…I don’t know the person 😆


As for me, along with a pack of Arnott’s TimTam, I got a Burberry perfume! Yey! Haven’t worn one before though and me likey the scent of it 🙂

I used to wear Bulgari’s Omnia Crytalline before and I love its fragrance too. Now, I’m just using   hand-me-downs from Bath&Body Works – Cherry Blossom and Magnolia Blossom scents 🙂  Hand-me-downs since my sister bought them but never really used them. I think she only used them once. Since I just saw the body spray lying on top of her dresser, I took them and started using them.  She really didn’t mind that I took it. That’s one good trait my sister has. She’s not selfish in sharing her stuff with me. 🙂

Anyway, next week, I think I’d be busy playing Santa Claus as I distribute the gifts. I hope I can find the other recepient…I hope he’s still connected with our company 😆

yes, my name is doris 😆

As for my friend Daisy…

“Thanks Dais!!! Miss you!!! I’m praying for a safe and healthy delivery of your baby. I wish me and Deb-Deb can visit you there. Otherwise, hurry up and file for a leave and come home so we can meet our godchild! Take care always! Mwah!”


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