A Quick Stopover at Spice of Life Beach in Allen

A few days before my birthday, I decided to go on a trip to Samar. I was to travel to Biri Island to discover the magnificent rock formations in their town. Along the way, I made a pit stop at Allen, Samar to wait for other friends who will join me on our trip to Biri.

So on that boring day, while waiting for my friends to arrive, I asked a padyak driver if there are beautiful beaches in Allen. He mentioned of the beach at Spice your Life. Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help hide a giggle. I really thought that they have a place called Spice Your Life.

After asking again the staff of the Pahayahayan Hotel, they confirmed of a famous beach in Allen which is the Spice Up Your Life Beach. Hearing the name of the place made me more curious to explore the area.

So after a few walks, a tricycle ride, and more walks, I arrived at my destination – the Buenos Aires Beach in Allen of Northern Samar.

Spice Beach Buenos Aires Allen Samar

There’s a beach resort named Spice of Life and people made that as the reference name of the public beach. Upon further asking a few locals, they said that the real name of the beach is just Buenos Aires beach, named after its barangay or community. Tricycle drivers simply call it Spice Beach. I’m still confused what’s the official name of the beach but I guess Spice of Life Beach or Buenos Aires Beach is just fine. Hearing the name of the beach makes me want to check for any air travel information and book the next flight out of where I was and head over to either UK to check out Spice Girls or travel to Argentina. I guess the owner of the place are fans of both band and country since it’s rare to hear foreign names on a local beach area in this country.

When I reached the place at 10am of a Friday, the beach was empty except for 4 persons swimming on a farther area of the beach. I basically owned the place!

There are cottages in the area which you can rent for P100. Since I was just the only person there, the caretaker of the cottage I occupied just asked me any amount I could donate. I gave her P50.00

my baon and i

I didn’t bring any clothes with me. I didn’t expect to see a beautiful beach in Allen. So when I saw the inviting clear waters, I had to think twice if I’d really try the waters. I have no one to watch over my stuff + I didn’t bring any spare clothes. But the call of the sea was too strong that I gave in to its tempting waters.

Buenos Aires Beach Allen Samar

I left the area at almost 5 pm. I tried to read the book I brought but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful scenery in front of me. It was a good way to relax on that beach. I just allowed the time to slowly tick while I gazed beyond the horizon and cleared my head. I’m super thankful that I decided to travel to Biri Island. Stop overs like this are priceless and I won’t mind making a lot of them just to enjoy nature’s beauty.

How to get to Spice of Life Beach:

From the town center, find the tricycles parked at the side of the church facing the public market. Just tell them you are headed to Spice Beach. Fare is P10.00 one way. You will be dropped off a few meters off the area. You can hire a padyak to get to the Buenos Aires beach  P5.00 or you can simply enjoy a leisurely walk. Just remember that you might not see any padyaks often so better start the walking. To avoid getting lost, never hesitate to ask directions.

P.S. My camera died on my 1st day in Biri Island 🙁 and I’m definitely getting one of those cams with wide-angled lenses to improve my photos .;-)

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