A Million Thanks!!!

I want to personally thank all the people behind the success of our Ilocos tour (also in behalf of my siblings):

1. To Cecille and Leah, who were my “on call”  textmates in providing updates on how to get there, where to stay, bus schedules, where/what to ride the bus, what to do and must trys. I’m sorry if we failed to hang out Cille. 🙁 Leah, your text message telling me to feel the sands on shoreline of the windmills was late! We were heading to the next destination when I received the message. 🙁

2. To Doc IC and Edwin Antonio, who had been so kind and wonderful in offering to tour us around Pagudpud, Paoay and Laoag considering the fact that we were complete strangers to you both. We’ve witnessed real Ilocano hospitality through you guys!  Our trip to Ilocos Norte wouldn’t have been successful if it werent for you. Thank you soooo much!!!

3. To Doc Freddie,  Doc Joyce and family, who were so kind enough to let us join their group on their trip to Pagudpud even though you hardly knew us.  We wouldn’t forget every moment of it!

4. To Father Provincial of Don Bosco Makati and the rest of the people we met there, who were so kind enough to allow us to stay in their guest rooms.

5. To Donnie, who was our “driver” on our last day in Manila and really took his time driving (of course, he already gave a disclaimer saying that he drives slow), fetching us in Ocean Park, went Krispy Kremes buying with us in MOA and driving us to the airport. I really wanted to tell you (also my bro & sis…hehe) to drive like a madman so that we can arrive in the airport early. hehe 😉

To those that I failed to  mention, please acknowledge yourselves. Sorry if I failed to mention you here (lets blame it to memory loss…hehe) but again..Thank you too!

I know a million thanks isn’t enough. How bout a gazillion? hehehe…anyway, once again…


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