A Hate Post to Cough and Colds

I hate being sick…

I seldom get sick thanks to my father’s genes. Growing up, I’ve seen my mom, older sister and younger brother suffer that ill-fated curse brough about by asthma and allergies. Technically, my pop and I are the only ‘healthy’ folks in our small family. That means I get to be bullied to do most of the household chores because of my sickly siblings. I don’t really mind as I’m more than grateful to have a healthy  body.

But it seems that hiding from bacterias and germs doesn’t work  for me all the time. Just like now, am plagued with the colds and cough syndrome – a dreaded sickness that I hate so much. I hate it when those two work like a duo attacking anyone as if they have a mind on their own. I also wonder what’s the logic behind the sequence of their attacks. Why can’t cough attack first before colds? Is it because I secretly swallowed my mucus (sip-on) too much that that sticky substance got tangled up inside my lungs thereby waking up my cough bacteria?  I could no longer count how may tissues I’ve sent flying in the trash bin. I think I already consumed two rolls of tissue paper and a box is about to get emptied. As for my cough, it’s the most painful thing in the world – trying hard to excrete those substance straight from your lungs. I could almost feel my lungs separating from my chest, wanting to get out of my small mouth to just get it done and over with.

I wish our bodies were designed in a way where one can easily tear our ribs apart, take out our lungs and flush it with running mineral /distilled water (yes, mineral/distilled water to avoid contamination from tap water) to get rid of the phlegm inside. Then I wish I could open my nose wide enough so that I can remove all the mucus inside its inner walls.

I could no longer remember how many Neozeps and Decolgens I swallowed just to cure my colds for the past days to avoid a full blown cough and colds. But I guess my futile actions failed since I’m suffering this dreadful feeling right now. My eyes were never this droopier till now. tsk! Am just glad my body temp’s normal. Otherwise, I would have thrown a belated Halloween Party as I wrap my entire body with layers of blanket and start scaring passersby in our neighborhood.

I wanted to go out to buy medicine to get rid of my dry cough fast but the state am in is making me lazy all day. I guess am excused to act that way 😛 And to make matters worse, am substituting cough medicine with Paracetamol hoping that Biogesic would help me get rid of both cough and colds. Am running out of Decolgen now and I hope I’d get better tomorrow since my constant trips to the bathroom (with my supposed water therapy) is starting to bore me.


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