A Disturbing/Amusing Email

Last July 5th, I blogged about me loving the HP Pavilion dv2 I saw on one of the computer shops in our area. I blogged about how I liked the design of the laptop and its being ultra portable.

I was shocked though when I opened my email today and found this email among the emails that i have to moderate for those who leave comments on my site.

Feel free to read through it and tell me what you think…

I really find it weird for someone to send me this comment. Although I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to approving comments on my site, I find this particular email very disturbing yet very amusing too. I really don’t know how to react to this email which is why I am posting it here instead. Anyway, I guess it was the purpose of the sender of this email to be noticed so here it is, I am posting your comment.

In the future, I wish that my visitors, regular or not, should practice professionalism. If you have something negative to say, just keep it professional without being degrading. We are, after-all, raised to have good manners. Let’s practice proper blog etiquette. Shall we?

As for Sam, or is it Spencer Lowe? Goodluck to you kid! Peace out!


  1. You are right,this comment is disgusting.I think you should not have given this person this much of blog space.Just ignore.
    .-= drmatyr´s last blog ..CAUSES OF NASAL POLYPS [del.icio.us] =-.

  2. Thanks for dropping by drmatyr! Yeah, I know. At first i was really disgusted by the email but then i realized that I found it amusing which is why I posted it. hehehe

  3. Maybe the sender just wanted to have someone’s attention, just too bad because he or she wrote it in disgusting way.
    .-= anne´s last blog ..I Already Finished It =-.

  4. Hi,
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