Exploring the Islands of Caramoan

The downside to posting late is forgetting all the tiny details of what you did and how much you paid and where you went. But what the heck. Let me post the continuation of my Caramoan travel adventure. This is the continuation of my post entitled The Cebu to Caramoan Trip. To give you a brief overview, last June 12th, Edcel, Meryl, Rich and I flew all the way from … [Continue Reading]


Trying out the Soju drink from Korea

I go gaga over Korean soap operas before. But due to my busy schedule in the past months, I failed to see the latest Koreanovelas on TV. Now I have this friend, Wena, who is way too gaga over them and had me … [Continue Reading]

Eating Chocolates

The other day, my friend and I went to the groceries to buy stuff for her home. I promised another friend that I will buy her chocolates as a token of the free hosting I got for my sites. So it was no … [Continue Reading]

How to Make a Banana Split Homestyle

Luckily, the ingredients for making my own version of a banana split were present in our home. Actually, it's so simple to do. You really don't have to follow any rules in making one except that you follow … [Continue Reading]

Trying out Different Flavored Loaf Cakes at Leonas

When my friend asked me what’s a nice pasalubong to give to the family of his gf, I asked him what he had in mind. He said that there are a lot of dried fish from the gf’s place. Dried mango may be overrated … [Continue Reading]

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Figuring Out That Thing Called Tadhana

So I finally watched the most talked about movie this season - That Thing Called Tadhana. I had high expectations of the movie as everybody just keeps on raving about it. They said it's one of the most … [Continue Reading]

Surrendering my Passport

Yesterday, my friends and I filed our visa application to a certain country in Asia. As I don't want to jinx this travel plan, I'd prefer not to name that country for now. In the next week or two, we will … [Continue Reading]

An Epic Night

I left the hospital after 12 midnight to go home. My car’s engine wouldn’t start. I instantly got worried. I only thought of 2 things – that it could be a battery problem where it got drained or perhaps I … [Continue Reading]

Missing Thailand

I really don't understand why Thailand has this huge impact in my life. To think that I've only been to 2 countries outside the Philippines. I know there are still more countries to be explored out there but … [Continue Reading]

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Weird Keyword

I seldom check the keywords that land on my travel site and on this instance, I got the chance to look at them and lo and behold! One keyword phrase caught my attention! I never imagined that the day would … [Continue Reading]

WDs Quick Drive Test

I don’t want to panic. I can’t afford to panic for now. Am still in a state of denial. But I guess I have to accept this soon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Two days ago, while I was cleaning my room, I was playing … [Continue Reading]

My Desktop Background

To the curious, and in case you want to know what photo is showing on my desktop, well here it is :) I figured that after I took pretty decent photos on my trip to Biri Island last October of 2012, I might … [Continue Reading]

Moisture Seeping in the Olympus TG-1

Until recently, I was very happy with the performance of my underwater camera, the Olympus TG-1. It is a camera that is shockproof, waterproof, dust proof and whatever proofs you have there. But last Sunday, … [Continue Reading]

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Figuring Out That Thing Called Tadhana

So I finally watched the most talked about movie this season - That Thing Called Tadhana. I had high expectations of the movie as everybody just keeps on raving about it. They said it's one of the most beautiful yet simple movies ever made in the Philippines. That Thing Called … [Continue Reading]

Good Vibrations

When I try to search for movies to watch, I check out listing sites that shows the top movies of certain years. So when I tried to look for one, I saw Good Vibrations listed on some website. I'm a sucker for foreign films so I didn't hesitate to check out its trailer before … [Continue Reading]

Movies Showcasing the Beautiful Architecture at New Orleans

I’m a movie buff and during my free time, I try to make sure I get to watch old and new movies. I prefer watching rom-coms or what one would commonly refer to as romantic comedies. I also like watching feel-good movies. What you won’t catch me watching would be those horror … [Continue Reading]

Castle of Glass

I've shared on my previous articles here how weird I am in choosing songs I like (though I can't remember anymore what articles those were). And on this rare instance, I'm finding again a cool song that I love so much. It's the new song "Castle of Glass" written by American rock … [Continue Reading]

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